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From the Principal

Progress we've made

Dear Parents & Guardians,

When I look back on these past months, I realise that we have all achieved a great deal.

We’ve made some changes to brighten up and personalise the building by adding glass display cases and hanging photos of students in the upstairs corridors. Our student art is displayed in the cases lining the lunchroom corridor. Ms Holmerson and Mr Velander planted a tree upstairs and we have completed the extra seating areas around the school.

We’ve enjoyed several performances by our musically inclined students, with a charity concert early during the term and most recently five consecutive and beautiful Lucia performances for the entire school. The Christmas choir also travelled to and performed at several external venues, among them Hornstulls Servicehus and Nytorgsgården.

9th graders have been selling baked goods, roses and Christmas trees to help fatten their collective purses for the prom and there have been several profitable bake sales among the lower school classes. Our 5th graders participated in the “Vi i 5:an” competition, we’ve had lots of (unwanted) practice perfecting our fire drill procedures and we have even had a Fire Department representative in to speak with our students. Many of the HoYs have had special assemblies in the aula throughout the term.

To put it simply, most of us have been working hard all term. I know our teachers and support staff certainly have. I am grateful to all of you for going the extra mile to see to it that our students find their way towards academic success.

I have been very pleased to see that so many of you students have placed your focus and energy on your academic studies. I hope you enjoy the rewards of your hard work both now--when you see the grades you have earned--and when you return feeling refreshed after the winter break and ready to begin the Spring term.

With only a few hours left of the Autumn term, I wanted to take a moment to thank you parents, especially, all for your hard work and support these past few months. You know that it takes a village to raise a child so that he or she may reach his or her highest potential--the path to adulthood is more challenging than ever in a world dominated by social media and the instant gratification of the digital world. Together we are making a difference. Thank you for entrusting your children to us to guide them academically and socially during the hours they are at school. They are a pleasure and a challenge--which is exactly what we expect in this field of work and exactly why we choose to do it everyday.


Have a restful and peaceful break and a very happy New Year!

Paul McKay
From the Principal

Off to a Brilliant Start!

Congratulations to all of our IES Tyresö students and staff--so far the Autumn term is off to a brilliant start!

I enjoyed meeting so many of you parents at the Teacher Mingle on Monday. I also appreciated the positive feedback we received from so many parents regarding our policy of annual class mixing. The students experienced a few challenging days during first week of school as they met their new classmates and started forming new friendships. It’s been gratifying to see the transformation I’ve seen as I have walked the halls these past days.

As you know, the annual mixing of classes is an integral part of our IES learning and development strategy. We so appreciate the support you parents give to your children at this time of year when routines that are new can sometimes be unsettling for them.

Please remember to keep listening to your children and praising their efforts. Find ways to praise them regularly and you will see a happy, bright-eyed child!

Next week we have the Parent Night for all grades excepting Grade 8 and I look forward to meeting the rest of you then. 8th grade had their Parent Night last night and I while I was not able to attend, I have heard that class discussions among the parents/mentors were giving.

For you parents who have been coming into the school and dropping off your children, it’s time to let them manage on their own. Please feel free to wish them a good day and wave them off outside the school.

In a nutshell, I want  you to know that we are very proud of all the students here at IES Tyresö. The staff and I think the new students are adapting beautifully to the challenges and routines. All of us are very pleased with efforts and attitude the students have shown in classes so far. The students are enthusiastic and sincere and it makes the teaching hours a pleasure.

Let’s keep up the good work everyone!

From the Principal

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Fall Term

Dear Parents,


With the summer drawing to a chilly close, the staff and I are looking forward to welcoming all our new and returning students to IES Tyresö. On Thursday of next week, I expect I’ll hear the squeals of excitement from young people that accompanies the start of every new school year.


I know I am excited for everyone to see and experience the physical improvements we have made on campus, some of which are:

  • Relocation and remodelling of the reception area which is now in line of sight of our main entrance
  • The lower floor teachers’ work areas have been moved to the back of the library and the resulting space has been turned into two new classrooms (designated C11 & C12)
  • Custom-built seating areas for students have been placed all around the school
  • The inner courtyard used mainly by the upper school students has been refurbished to include artificial turf and a large custom-built seating area
  • Locker areas have been added to the space vacated by reception and locker areas have been redesignated
  • The main staircase has been finished with wood to protect young heads
  • All the old toilets have been painted and fixed

Management and the Support Staff have been busy helping with these and other improvements, including painting the walls and freshening up the classrooms. You might also have noticed that IES has updated the website used by all IES schools. During the next week or so, have a look at the website and read about the new staff as we enter their information into the site.

We also have a number of new international and Swedish staff joining us this year. Our, Assistant Principal, Ms Holmerson, will now be able to focus on her area of expertise--Academics--as we now have Anna Tronelius, Assistant Principal, Pastoral, whose focus will include the behavioural aspects of learning.

As you know, the staff and I are dedicated to the ethos of Internationella Engelska Skolan. Our schools stand apart from others in providing a rich international atmosphere for learning where students are challenged not only academically but socially as well. Our rules and routines sometimes ask for more from students than other schools, in part because we see it as necessary in preparing your child to confidently meet the challenges of real life. One of the tools we use to achieve this is class mixing: each new school year is characterized by new class lists, created thoughtfully by our Student Care Team and mentors.

I repeat, this is an important step in encouraging students to operate confidently in new circumstances. We sometimes see that students--being children--will at times complain about perhaps not coming into a class with their best friend or friends, especially during the first few weeks of the new school year. We adults know that this gentle push to stretch their comfort zone is extremely important in developing well-rounded confident leaders which is why we do not revise class lists once they have been formed.

Remember, another aspect of our school ethos is our “tough love” attitude. Our staff choose to teach at this school because they are people of integrity who are devoted to teaching in an atmosphere where teachers can teach and students learn. We all care deeply about the safety and well-being of each and every one of our students. The staff at IES Tyresö are prepared to help our students with the inevitable stress and challenges faced by every new and returning student at the start of every new school year. Let me assure you that we are very much looking forward to sharing this school year with you and your family and we wish you a productive, growth-filled school year.




Paul McKay

Principal, IES Tyresö

Start of Term Dates for All Schools

Start of Term Dates for All Schools

Please note that students are welcome back to school for the first day of the academic year 2016-17 on:

  • Borås - Friday, 19 August
  • Bromma - Thursday, 18 August
  • Enskede - School start information already sent to stakeholders by post and via SchoolSoft.
  • Eskilstuna - Wednesday, 17 August
  • Falun - Monday, 22 August
  • Gävle - Monday, 22 August
  • Halmstad - Wednesday, 17 August
  • Huddinge - Wednesday, 17 August
  • Hässelby Strand - Thursday, 18 August
  • Hässleholm - Tuesday, 23 August
  • Johanneberg - Monday, 22 August
  • Järfälla - Thursday, 18 August
  • Jönköping - Thursday, 18 August
  • Karlstad - Wednesday, 24 August
  • Kista - Monday, 15 August
  • Krokslätt - Monday, 22 August
  • Liljeholmen - Thursday, 18 August
  • Linköping - Wednesday, 17 August
  • Lund - Friday, 19 August
  • Nacka - School start information already sent to new students and available via SchoolSoft.
  • Skärholmen - Friday, 19 August
  • Sundsvall - Monday, 22 August
  • Tyresö - Thursday, 18 August
  • Täby - Thursday, 18 August
  • Umeå - Monday, 22 August
  • Uppsala - Monday, 15 August
  • Västerås - Wednesday, 17 August
  • Älvsjö - Thursday, 18 August
  • Örebro - Wednesday, 17 August
  • Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm - Thursday, 18 August (first year) and Friday, 19 August (all students)