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Dates for Christmas vacation

The last day of school before the Christmas holiday is Wednesday 20th December.

Students will return to school on Tuesday 9th January.

Library website

Library website

Our school library now has its own website! Click here to have a click around and see what the library has to offer.

From the Principal

Letter from the Principal: Week 44

Dear Students, Guardians and Parents,

Yet another month has now passed. We’ve made it through more weeks of school than we have left after Autumn break for the Autumn term. The time is passing unbelievably fast.

October has been a month filled with assessments, Student Council meetings, inspection visits and costumes. It felt as if the visit by School Inspection went well; we now just have to tough it out waiting for the outcome and we hope that we won’t be waiting as long as we did last spring. There are two possible outcomes: either they decide they need to visit us again or they state that the inspection is completed. Let’s all keep our finger crossed that it will be the latter.

We’ve also had our ventilation and housekeeping inspected. The agency walked around the school and measured the air in a number of classrooms and checked on the cleaning routines and the appearance of the school. The result of this inspection surpassed our hopes and we received a 5-star seal of approval!

At the start of this school year we sat up goals for the development of our workplace. Some of them were as follows:

  • Personal contact home at least once a month
  • Increase student understanding of math
  • Include the student’s views in different questions
  • Maintain order and discipline in the classrooms and corridors

We return to these points often at our staff meetings. These points are important because they were expressed by both students and parents in our surveys from the previous school year. The feedback that we receive from our surveys can provide us with a sweeping view about what you think we need at school and what you think we should be working on in order to improve. I am very grateful to all of you who took the time to answer our survey this past spring. We will be sending out a survey again soon after Autumn break to check in with you to see if we are on the right track toward achieving these goals. I will let you know when the survey is available on School Soft.

I am very proud of all the hard work that you students are pouring into your school work as well as your efforts at home. Similarly, I am proud of the enthusiasm and hard work of all the staffl. This means very much to me. Some of our work at school has already shown positive results. I am particularly happy with the  work done by our Student Development Team: Mr Smith, Ms Damian and Mr Kearns. This team is out in the corridors every day looking out for our students, being helpful and supportive but also making sure that the corridors are calm and that everyone feels safe. You are a great help and very much appreciated!

Another aspect of a well-functioning school includes routines. I would like to remind you of the proper steps you should follow when contacting the school:

Regarding a student’s academic situation, the order of contact should be 1) subject teacher, 2) Head of Department, 3) Mr Magnus Andersson, our Academic Coordinator, 4) Ms Anna Tronelius, Assistant Principal – Academics and 5) Ms Evy Holmerson, Interim Principal.

Regarding a student’s health or well-being, the order is 1) Mentor, 2) Head of Year, 3) Mr Jeremy Brooks, Assistant Principal - Pastoral.

It is important that this sequence is followed and that you do not skip any of the steps that are described above. It is for the students’ best that we follow this sequence as well as for the good of the staff who want and should be valued for their important contributions.

After Autumn break, new challenges await. Students in Grades 6 and 9 will begin the oral  portions of the National Tests in Math, Swedish and English. We have one more Student Choice Day, and students in Grade 9 will be attending the gymnasiemässan.

I also want to send a warm welcome to Mr Michael Kamson, our new Math teacher for whom we have waited since the start of the term. He comes from our IES  school in Linköping and will take over from Mr Johnson who will go back to working as a Special Educator in Math.

About two weeks ago we also welcomed to our staff Ms Rebecka Senior, our new school nurse for grades 6-9, who is doing a fantastic job.

I am now looking forward to a lovely break and am actually going to try to take a short vacation, this time abroad where I am hoping to find a little sun and warmth.

With wishes for a wonderful Autumn break, take care and I’ll see you next week.

Kind regards,

Evy Holmerson