Assistant Principal's letter : September 2019


Dear Parents, Guardians & Students of IES Tyresö,

First and foremost welcome to our new fourth graders, and welcome back to all who are returning!

As many of you have noticed there has been a lot going on over summer. Of course we will all see each other for the upcoming Parent Teacher nights, but I just thought to take a few minutes to explain a few new additions to this year. 

House System

As always, one of our main focuses at IES Tyresö is to create a Calm Working Environment where students feel both safe and happy. With this in mind the House System is now being introduced.

The idea is simple: the school has been split into 5 groups and, over the course of the year, the groups will compete with one another in both academic, sport, and social events. This is to create a healthy atmosphere of competition but, more importantly, to allow the students to interact across the grades and create a focus on group loyalty and support.

Social Media Contract

By the end of this week you should all have received a “Social Media Contract” from your child’s mentor. As we spoke about last year when we met, despite the school not allowing mobile phones, at least 60% of all bullying and harassment cases we dealt with started with some form of social media post or group chat comment.

We understand as a school how difficult it can be as a parent to help govern what your child does, so this week during mentor time each class was given just under an hour to discuss and agree on what they, as a class and students of IES Tyresö think is acceptable behaviour online and what is not.

Please take a look at this document and discuss it at home. The idea and hope from the school is that if we, as the IESTy family can all work together, we will be able to lower the number of cases of bullying significantly. This will then allow us to use those resources to help the students in other ways, focus on their wellbeing at school, and of course reach their Academic Goals.

Mentor Contact

As with every IES School, a focus on personal communication between Mentors and Parents is one of the reasons why we have been so successful. And this year is no exception.

A major push once again is underway and your child’s mentor will be contacting you at least once a month to give you a quick update on how they have been doing in school, and also how they have been feeling.

Should you wish to have this communication via mail or phone – please inform your child’s mentor during the upcoming Parent Teacher evening.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns please let the school know. I look forward to yet another great year ahead with the fantastic Staff and Students of IES Tyresö!

Yours Sincerely,

Jeremy Brooks
Assistant Principal