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Guest Blog: a graduated student returns

My name is Adam and for the past week I have been a prao student at IES Tyresö. Prior to this I've also been a student at the school, from seventh grade to ninth grade. My time at the school as a student was pleasent, and I certainly enjoyed my three years at IES Tyresö. The week of prao I had was also extremely nice, kodus to my supervisor Ms. Lovisa Sjölund who did an amazing job as my supervisor. 

It was fun and interesing to see how the school had developed, and to meet my old teachers again. Since I finished my time at IES Tyresö (which was in 2017) things had changed a bit, and all to the better. All the teachers had a good fellowship and enjoyed each others company. In conclusion, my week was great and I actually really liked coming back to the school and seeing how everything was. 

Once again, thank you to Ms. Lovisa Sjölund for making my time even more pleasant during my prao week. Thank you to the whole staff for welcoming me with such open arms, even the ones I didn't know.